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Law Firm Patrick Duyck is an all-round office that provides legal advice and engages in all branches of law: for the individual, the company and institutions.

Law Firm Patrick Duyck

The office's services are characterized by a no-nonsense mentality: we ONLY think in terms of a solution.

Law Firm Patrick Duyck

The working method of the office can be best described by three core principles: professional, committed and targeted.


Law Firm Patrick Duyck operates in a variety of branches of the law; you can find an overview on our website.
Liability Law
The term 'liability law' is a term that covers a very wide area; it concerns all cases where a person may be liable to compensate the damage that another party has suffered.
Labour Law
Labour law revolves around the relationship between the employer and employee, both collectively and individually. In the social security law, the relationship between the insured individual and the public institution is the central point.
Personal and Family Law
More and more problems occur nowadays that are covered by family law. This pertains to all matters with regards to the capacity, family relations, ...
Commercial Law
The commercial and corporate law includes numerous matters, ranging from simple disputes involving traders to complicated corporate legal structures.

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If you can keep your head when all about you
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We will keep you informed of the latest news about the office and the relevant legislation.
Be careful when receiving an invoice
When a merchant receives an invoice, he must protest and that in writing, preferably by registered letter and fax/e-mail. Otherwise, the court could consider non-protest as an acceptance. In any case between merchants. So, pay attention very well when receiving the invoice or payment request: protest in WRITING when you do not agree.
Labour Law
If there is a dismissal due to misconduct, the letter of dismissal should be detailed. It happens often that employers who impose a dismissal are faced with a rejection of the dismissal, with the result that they have to pay compensation to their dismissed employee because the letter of dismissal was not detailed enough. So, the dismissal should include as many facts as possible in detail, factual date, factual time specification, witnesses who were present, who said what.
Property Right
It seems, after judgment by the Supreme Court, that the separation and distribution of real estate, which one has bought in joint ownership or together, is difficult, if not almost impossible. The law states that no one can remain in joint ownership and that one can request the termination of the joint ownership in court at all times, logically, in the event of a dispute. The Supreme Court has issued a judgment, claiming that this is NOT applicable to unforced jointly owned properties, for example, with partners who buy a home together without being married. Forced joint ownerships are joint ownerships that arise, amongst others, from an inheritance.
VAT liability for lawyers
Lawyers no longer enjoy the exemption on VAT duty since 1/01/2014. Clients will have to pay 21% VAT by law on services as from that date (Law of 30 July 2013 that contains various provisions - Belgian Official Gazette 1/08/2013). Belgium was the last country in Europe where such an exemption still existed. The exemption was already made obsolete for bailiffs and notaries in 2012.