our rates

The honorary fee is the remuneration for the performances executed by that specific lawyer.

The honorary fee is normally calculated per hour. It can also be calculated for each case, depending on the agreement with the client.

It is the intention that the honorary fee and expenses are estimated by way of prognosis BEFORE the start of the case. It always involves a prognosis, seeing that the complications in a case can never be determined exactly in advance.

What gets charged are the hours performed in a specific case (eg. the study of a file, negotiations, discussions with the client and/or third parties, such as the bookkeeper or accountant, the notary, etc ...., the drawing of a conclusion (defence ), pleading).

Moreover, the hourly rate is always determined in function of the importance of the case, the experience of the firm, the level of difficulty, the urgency.

At the commencement of the dossier, a commission is requested, taking into account the importance of the case, the actual costs that will have to be paid to bailiffs, registry duty, stamp duties, etc .... the urgency of the case and its level of difficulty.

Afterwards, additional provisions could be requested, depending on the evolution of the executed performances and costs incurred. It is so that the client will always be informed of the status of his case, either spontaneously or at the explicit request at set times.

Collection of Invoices

Special rates are normally applicable here. For example, the honorary fee will usually be a percentage of the amount collected at a collection, or a prearranged fixed amount (this is especially interesting for smaller claims).


First and foremost: the aim is to keep costs to a minimum as much as possible

What are regarded as costs?

  • typing and word processing: € 12/ page
  • letter and e-mail: € 10/ letter
  • registered mail: € 10 + postage
  • fax : € 1,25/ outgoing fax
  • photocopy: € 0,25/ page
  • transport : € 0,40/km
  • advanced costs: according to the actual expenditure (certificates, excerpts, cost of the bailiff for summons, documents to be served and implementation, court fees, etc.)

The performances of lawyer are subject to 21% VAT as from 1/1/2014!

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